Accelerate has been used by campaigns across the country, has been reviewed by the DNC, and is officially endorsed by the Ohio House Democratic Caucus and the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party.

Here's what the Ohio House Democratic Caucus had to say about Accelerate:

“With Accelerate, we’ve been able to mount a full email fundraising campaign at a fraction of the usual cost. They have excellent emails on every subject we’ve wanted to address, and their team’s responsiveness and willingness to help with any questions makes the whole system a breeze to use.

“Being able to recommend Accelerate to our state House campaigns has allowed us to more confidently mount challenges in even long-shot districts, and knowing our campaigns will be able to raise real funds on their own means we know we can present a strong ticket across the state.

“Accelerate has been the perfect tool to kick-start our own email fundraising and ensure all our campaigns have the resources they need.”