Unlocking the Power of Digital Fundraising

Are you a Democrat running for office that wants to leverage the power of the internet to raise money online?

Is spending thousands of dollars a month on digital consultants and staffers a month just out of reach for your campaign?

Do you want to keep raising money online, but you want to be more efficient with your resources?

Accelerate is for you.

Accelerate is a content library for Democratic fundraising, event, and volunteer emails. It's constantly updated and always fresh. It's like a stock photo site for digital fundraising emails!

For just $74.95 a month, your subscription allows you to download 3 emails per week. Need a rapid response email to the latest GOP outrage? Need that end of quarter ask? We've got you covered. Simply log in, choose the email you want to use, customize it for your campaign, and then copy and paste the HTML and plain text files into your CRM for deployment!

It's that easy.

Unlock the Power of Digital Fundraising. Request a Free Tour now. 


There are three tiers of monthly subscriptions available.

Basic Package ($74.95 / month)

The Basic Package includes a subscription to Accelerate and up to 3 email downloads per week.

Gold Package ($249 / month)

The Gold Package includes the Basic Package plus a monthly strategy call and monthly email campaign calendar - a schedule of which emails to send and when to maximize your fundraising program.

Platinum Package ($599 / month)

The Platinum Package includes the Gold Package plus coding and deployment of the emails in your CRM along with stats reporting.

Custom Strategy & List Growth / Acquisition

BuzzMaker can provide additional custom digital strategic services, including list growth and acquisition as well as persuasion digital programs and custom digital strategy campaigns. Contact us at info@buzzmaker.net for more information.

Who We Are

Accelerate is the new platform built by BuzzMaker, an award winning digital political consulting firm founded in 2004. BuzzMaker has worked with hundreds of campaigns from city council to the US Senate in over two dozen states. We've raised tens of millions of dollars for Democratic candidates and causes, compelled millions to take action, and delivered billions of highly targeted digital advertising impressions for both persuasion and acquisition. A globally renowned political consultancy, BuzzMaker has provided high profile political consulting services in 20 countries around the world.