Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a content library of fundraising, volunteer and event emails that is updated regularly. Think of us as a stock photo site for copy.

What's your experience with digital fundraising?

We are the BuzzMaker platform. Founded in 2004, BuzzMaker is an award winning digital political consulting firm that has raised tens of millions of dollars and compelled millions of people to take action. We've worked with hundreds of campaigns in two dozen states and 19 countries around the world!

How do I request more information?

BuzzMaker conducts regular free tours of the product. Sign up for a free tour to learn more about the product. The tour concludes with a question and answer session. Or, contact us with your written questions and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Can I send an email blast through your system?

No. There are plenty of CRMs built for the political market that provide low cost bulk email sending and database management. You can simply copy the HTML and plain text from our system and paste it into your CRM - and deploy!

I already have NationBuilder, NGPVAN, MailChimp, or another CRM. Why do I need this?

We are not a CRM. We provide content that you can use in your CRM and send to your list. If you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on staff or consultants to write copy for your emails, we're the platform for you.

Do you process contributions?

No. Your CRM can do that, or ActBlue. We don't handle merchant accounts or anything related to compliance or payment processing.

What kind of clients do you serve?

We work with Democrats. And we're affordable for ALL campaigns. If you're running for city council or state legislature or mayor and you want to run an email fundraising campaign - but you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on consultants and staff - we're built for you!

Can I customize the content?

Yes! With the Basic Package, after you've chosen which email you want, you click "Order this Email," and you're taken to an easy editor where you can include your fundraising page links and make changes to the content that make sense for your race. Then when you're done customizing, you can complete the order and copy and paste the customized content into your CRM. For the Platinum Package we'll do this customization for you!

How often is the content updated?

Weekly. We're constantly adding new content to the system and as we continue to grow the amount of content we'll have available to you will increase exponentially!

Do you offer content specific to my state?

Our copy is tailored to municipal and state issues. We have copy related to education, crime, transportation, economy/jobs and much, much more! As our platform continues to grow and we see increasing signups from certain states/cities, we will be adding content writing specific to those local and state issues.

I'm in a safe seat. I don't have an election coming up. Why should I use you?

Political fundraising never stops. In today's political environment, politicians and campaigns are constantly expected to raise money and show a low burn rate. We allow you to do both. In order to be profitable with us, you need to average just over one or two donations per month. And we can help you save money because you won't have to spend thousands on consultants and staff to run your digital program!

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for the Basic Package, the first five days are free. On the sixth day, your subscription begins and it is automatically renewed every month until you cancel. If you cancel within the first 5 days, you are not charged anything!

Why can I only download 3 emails per week with the Basic Package?

We have a rule of one license per campaign. In order to guard against multiple campaigns using the same license, we have restricted the downloads to 3 a week.

How much does it cost?

There are two tiers of subscriptions:

  • Tier One: Basic Subscription gives you access to the database for $74.95
  • Tier Two: Platinum Subscription gives you access to the database, a monthly strategy call and email schedule using the emails in the system, personalization and deployment of those emails, and statistical reporting on the efficacy of those emails for $950

If you don't cancel, your subscription begins on the 6th day after you sign up. Your subscription automatically renews every month, using the credit card on file. You may cancel at any time.

What other services do I get for my basic subscription?

You have access to our client support, full access to the platform and 3 email downloads per week. Soon, we'll be rolling out 'best practices' webinars in all aspects of digital fundraising and listbuilding to help our clients succeed.